Haakaa Breast Pumps

Moms love Haakaa breast pumps. For their simplicity and ease of use. And for their portability and versatility. Moms also love Haakaa pumps because they are natural and non-toxic like all Haakaa products.

The Haakaa brand was created when a New Zealand family struggled to find safe, non-toxic products for their daughter with special needs. Seeking to protect her health and knowing that all children and parents could benefit from natural, eco-friendly products they set out to develop products they felt good about using with their child.

One of those products was the Haakaa breast pump, a silicone breast pump that allows moms to pull milk from the breast using gentle suction. No tubes, motors, handles or multiple parts to clean, the one piece design became beloved by moms for both its genius and its simplicity.

So Many Reasons Moms Love Their Haakaa Pump
Haakaa Breast Pump Reviews

The Haakaa silicone breast pump is beloved by moms worldwide for helping them collect every precious drop of breast milk and do so gently and without any fuss. Here's what just a few moms had to say!


I exclusively pump one side at a time so now with the Haakaa I don't lose any milk. I get 30 ml just from Haakaa and then 80+ ml with pumping after using the Haakaa. Great suction and don't have to worry about it falling off, it's easy to use on the go. Highly recommend


I LOVE my Haakaa so much! Best pump I've ever purchased for real. It makes things incredibly simple and easy. You just attach it and that's it. Very convenient. I wish I had this my first 4 kids. Whoever invented this is a genius.


This is round #2 of my breastfeeding journey and this time I opted to try Haakaa instead of my electric breast pump. I LOVE my Haakaa!! It is great for catching let down on the non-feeding side...also was a huge help to relieving breast fullness during my milk coming in. It is comfortable, silent, easy to use and clean, and stays attached the whole nursing session. I have no complaints and am so happy I decided to try it this time. P.S. Also love the fact that it was cheap and is the ultimate zero waste pump :)


Best investment! I have double stacked up breast milk in the fridge!

Features Moms Love about Haakaa Breast Pumps

1 Natural Way offers two Haakaa manual breast pump models -- the Haakaa Generation 1 and Generation 2 with Suction Base - as well as accessories. Both models have these fantastic features:

  • A Haakaa pump is one piece, so no assembly/disassembly is needed!
  • The small, single piece silicone breast pump goes anywhere with you.
  • No sore hands from pumping a handle - simply attach the Haakaa pump to the breast and let the pump draw milk out using suction.
  • The Haakaa pump's single silicone piece is easy to clean with boiling water.
  • Haakaa breast pumps' 100% food grade silicone is soft and comfortable, as well as BPA, PVC and phthalate-free.

Frequently Asked Questions about Haakaa Breast Pumps

Does a Haakaa breast pump increase supply?

If you're using your Haakaa pump to extract some additional milk each day (that you normally wouldn't by breastfeeding or with your electric pump), then yes!

It's classic supply and demand. Say you start using your Haakaa silicone breast pump on one breast while feeding baby on the other using the suction to draw out more milk than you would collect from letdown alone. Your body will soon recognize those extra “pumping sessions” as added demand on your milk supply and begin producing additional milk to satisfy the demand.

This is a similar concept to “power pumping” but on a smaller (and much more relaxed) scale.

What's the best way to use a Haakaa pump?

There are two ways you can attach a Haakaa pump. With both, make sure you start with clean skin (lotions can prevent a good seal).

The Easy Way:

Get the air out by squeezing the bottom of the silicone breast pump. Then place the flange of the pump on your breast (making sure that your nipple is centered and comfortable in the neck of the pump). When you have a comfortable placement, release your squeeze. This should create suction that holds the Haakaa pump on your breast. No? Try again you'll get it!

The Super Suction Way:

Fold the flexible flange back and squeeze the bottom of the Haakaa pump (hold the flange to keep it folded back). Center your nipple comfortably in the neck of the pump. Gently release the flange. This should create a seal around the nipple and, when you release your squeeze on the bottom, give you suction.

After attaching the Haakaa pump in either of these ways, the suction should begin to draw milk from your breast in addition to catching letdown.

Is a Haakaa pump a manual breast pump or a milk collector?

Both, really. The Haakaa breast pump collects letdown/leaking on the opposite breast when feeding, but the suction that holds it to your breast to do this also draws additional milk like a breast pump.

Although the Haakaa pump's primary purpose is to use during feeding, plenty of moms use it on its own (as long as the suction is strong enough for them to stimulate letdown).

How do I clean my Haakaa silicone breast pump?

Cleaning a Haakaa pump is so easy!

The nice people at Haakaa recommend cleaning and sterilizing your Haakaa Breast Pump with any steam sterilizing system or by boiling it in water for 2-3 minutes. Do this before the first use right out of the box! and after each use.

The DO NOTs of cleaning the Haakaa pump include:

  • Bleach-based agents
  • Sterilizing tablets
  • UV Sterilizers