Breast Milk Cooler Bags

1 Natural Way's thoughtfully curated assortment of portable breast milk cooler bags is designed to keep your expressed breast milk at the perfect temperature while accommodating your busy lifestyle. From compact designs ideal for work to versatile options for travel, our cooler bags prioritize the freshness and safety of your breast milk. Discover the freedom to pump and store with ease, ensuring that your liquid gold is always ready for your little one. Explore our Portable Breast Milk Cooler Bag collection - your trusted companion in maintaining the nourishing journey of breastfeeding wherever life takes you.

Frequently Asked Questions: Breast Milk Cooler Bags

Does a breast milk cooler bag count as carry-on?

Yes, your breast milk cooler would count as a carry-on. However, your breast pump would not count as a carry-on as it is considered a medical device.

How long can milk stay in a cooler bag?

Breast milk can stay safely stored in a cooling bag for 24 hours if the cooler bag is adequately insulated and you use ice packs. Always prioritize keeping the milk at a consistent cool temperature. At your destination, use the milk right away, store it in the refrigerator, or freeze it.