Milkzoom Breast Pump Replacement Parts Program
Milkzoom Breast Pump Replacements Parts Program

Milk Storage Bags, Breast Pump Parts & Supplies through Insurance

With 1 Natural Way's Milkzoom™ program, insurance-covered pump replacement parts and accessories are delivered right to your door!

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Monthly Milkzoom deliveries have all the breastfeeding supplies you need, so you save money and precious time.

Milkzoom shipments help your pump stay in like-new condition, with new tubing, valves, milk storage bottles and more. We have replacement pump parts for Elvie, Medela, Motif - and other mom-approved brands!

Monthly deliveries keep you stocked up on everything you need. So there are no late night store runs. No wondering if you have the right part. No worries with your Milkzoom service!

Step 1

We'll verify your insurance

Step 2

Then we reach out about your needs every 30 days

Step 3

Just like that, we ship your parts & supplies!

We take care of everything for you!

What's in Your Milkzoom Delivery?

Looking for Elvie Stride parts, Spectra breast pump parts or key accessories from Motif, Lansinoh and other great brands? Our Milkzoom program delivers breast pump supplies for all of the best breast pump brands - through insurance and straight to your door!

breast milk collection and storage bottles

Collection & Storage Bottles

woman with breast shields collecting breast milk

Breast Shields

Breast Pump Tubing


Breast Milk Storage Bags

Milk Storage Bags

Additional breast pump replacement parts (i.e. valves or membranes) may be included depending on the brand and model of your breast pump.

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Breast Pump Parts and Breastfeeding Supplies through Your Insurance

We work with these companies - and many others - to offer insurance-covered breast pump parts and breastfeeding supplies through our Milkzoom program. To find out if your insurance provider offers this benefit, click here.

What Do Moms Think About Our Milkzoom Program?

I don't have to worry about getting more supplies, they arrive at my doorstep before I run out! Now I can focus on keeping up my milk supply to feed my very healthy, chubby baby! - Sherrell L.

Sherrell L. Review of 1 Natural Way

It has been so hassle free to order supplies and has made pumping so easy. For a new mom this is so important because I am exhausted!!! - Destin J.

Destin J. Review of 1 Natural Way

Thank you so much for your high-quality breast pump supplies!! Definitely more than I expected and will be put to good use! - Elizabeth P.

Elizabeth P. Review of 1 Natural Way

1 Natural Way has helped me to continue breastfeeding as long as possible, because I get my Milkzoom resupply package on time and I have never run out of supplies. - Samarys S.

Samarys S. Review of 1 Natural Way

Holy cow - game changer!! It's easy, convenient, and saved me so much money. - Sarah M.

Sarah M. Review of 1 Natural Way

It saves you from the headache of dragging the older kids with you to look for more supplies. - Rhiannon R.

Rhiannon R. Review of 1 Natural Way

The customer service is the best part. They email back so quickly and always make me feel important. - Carrie K.

Carrie K. Review of 1 Natural Way

It's so great to get the reminders to replenish my supplies each month. - Cassandra J.

Cassandra J. Review of 1 Natural Way

It has saved us so much money and helped us when we needed little pump pieces to be replaced! That's a dream when you have a new little baby and get this kind of support. - Courtney K.

Carrie K. Review of 1 Natural Way

Frequently Asked Questions about Your Breastfeeding Supplies Benefit and Milkzoom Breast Pump Parts Delivery

Milkzoom vs. Resupply. What's the difference?

The Milkzoom program is like resupply programs in that it offers replacement pump parts and supplies that are covered by insurance.

What 1 Natural Way's Milkzoom service provides that not all resupply programs offer is:

  • The option to skip a month if you don't need supplies.
  • A choice of breast shield size.
  • The ability to get monthly supplies even if your insurance doesn't cover them 100% (you pay the difference but still save money!).

How does the Milkzoom program work?

The nicest thing about the Milkzoom breast pump replacement parts program is that we do almost all of the work for you!

Each month, we'll send a reminder email about 10 days prior to your next shipment date. If you need supplies for the month, simply log in to your account and:

  1. Select the items you need, including breast shield size. You have the option to skip a month if you have enough supplies.
  2. Verify your shipping address
  3. Confirm that you are still breastfeeding

Once you've placed your order, your part is done! We take it from there:

  1. Your breastfeeding supplies will be sent to you on your next scheduled shipment date. We'll send you the tracking info.
  2. Finally, we will file the claim with your insurance company.

Don't forget you can opt out of the Milkzoom program at any time via the Manage Your Milkzoom Shipments page in your account or by contacting us directly.

Will I need a prescription for supplies like I did for my pump?

Breastfeeding supplies that are covered through your insurance will require a prescription (we cannot ship without it!). If you already have your prescription, please send it to us. If not, we'll try to obtain one, but we may require assistance from you. To download 1 Natural Way's prescription template, click here

Please note that TRICARE policy requires you to use our TRICARE-approved prescription template when obtaining your prescription.

What if I have TRICARE insurance?

TRICARE has specific prescription requirements beginning with your second shipment of supplies. A separate prescription is required from your physician once you place your second order. 1 Natural Way requires you to use our TRICARE-approved prescription template when obtaining your prescription.

Please note: TRICARE patients require one (1) prescription per year.

To download 1 Natural Way's prescription template, click here.

What if my insurance changes?

If your insurance plan changes and you are still interested in receiving Milkzoom breast pump parts, please provide us with your new insurance info. We'll verify your coverage to see if you are eligible for supplies under your new insurance plan.

What if my due date changes or the baby comes early?

If your due date changes, let us know and we will adjust it in your account. And if your baby arrives early - contact us at (888) 977-2229 and we'll send your supplies ASAP.

Do you send supplies automatically each month?

No, you will need to login to your account each month to place a Milkzoom order (we promise, it takes less than 5 minutes). That way, we don't send a box of accessories you don't need or want. And there's no need to worry about forgetting to order, because we'll send a reminder each month.

Are the breast pump replacement parts and supplies free?

It all depends on your insurance coverage (some plans allow more than others) and the type of pump you have (the price of parts varies from pump to pump).

When you order, we'll show you how much your insurance is covering and how much (if any) you will need to pay out-of-pocket. No matter what, you'll be saving a lot through insurance with the Milkzoom program. In fact, the average monthly savings is $71.33.

Can I get a Milkzoom delivery more frequently than once a month?

All of the insurance plans that we work with provide coverage for breast pump parts and supplies every 30 days, so you will be unable to receive a Milkzoom delivery more often.

You can always order supplies through the 1 Natural Way site and know that you are getting safe, authentic parts.

How long am I committed to the Milkzoom program?

You are never obligated to remain in the Milkzoom program. You are free to opt out of the service whenever you wish.

Please note: Most insurance policies will only cover breast pump supplies up to 12 months.

What is a breast pump flange/shield?

The breast pump part that comes in contact with your body, and helps create the vacuum seal around the nipple.

How do I know what size flange/shield to buy?

You need to measure your nipples. Most pumps have sizing charts and your lactation specialist will have great advice here.

Is my flange/shield size going to change?

It might! Many women experience the need to change their flange size.

Why do I need new parts for my breast pump?

Having new parts regularly ensures that a pump can work its best. Old parts can be worn down from continued use and can even have bacteria or mold.

Which parts need to be replaced?

  • Flanges / shields
  • Duckbill valves, diaphragms, or membranes
  • Tubing
  • Other parts if indicated!