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Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Breast Pump Coverage and Other Benefits

We Can Help with Your BCBS Breast Pump - and Maybe More!

Thank you for considering 1 Natural Way to get your breast pump through your BCBS insurance policy. Our goal is to make getting your pump easy, so let us do the heavy lifting!

Here at 1 Natural Way, your Blue Cross Blue Shield breast pump coverage gets you the best pumps from top rated brands like Spectra, Medela, Ameda and even the Elvie and Willow breast pumps!

Many BCBS plans offer other maternity benefits in addition to breast pump coverage. These benefits include pregnancy support bands, maternity compression stockings, and lactation constultations - all of which you can get through 1 Natural Way. Breast pump accessories are available from plans like CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Many moms with BCBS are also eligible for breast pump replacement parts and supplies through our Milkzoom™ program.

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How to Order Your Breast Pump through Your BCBS Insurance

Getting your breast pump through Blue Cross Blue Shield is easy! Follow these simple steps and you could have your insurance covered breast pump within a week!

  1. Provide a few key pieces of information. Just fill out the form below as completely as you can.
  2. We’ll verify your BCBS insurance coverage and tell you if you are covered for a breast pump (and whether you are eligible for other products and services). If so, we’ll let you know what breast pumps are no cost and which have an out-of-pocket contribution.
  3. Pick your breast pump - from the best breast pump brands! We offer Elvie, Spectra, Medela, BabyBuddha, Ameda, Lansinoh, Motif, Freemie, Willow and others! Check out our breast pump reviews to see what other moms are saying about these pump brands.
  4. Submit your prescription. If you don’t already have one, our team will work with your physician's office to obtain a prescription for your breast pump. Once we receive your prescription, your breast pump ships free!

Most moms receive their breast pump within 7 to 10 days (or per your policy’s guidelines). Of course, if you have any questions at all during this process, don’t hesitate to email us at, text us at 419-740-4306 or call us at 888-977-2229.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) and 1 Natural Way

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Breast Pumps?

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is one of the most well-known insurances in the United States, so millions of women will eventually want to know if they can get a free breast pump through Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.

For most BCBS moms, the answer is YES! Under the Affordable Care Act, non-grandfathered insurance plans are required to cover a breast pump. Breast pumps are often covered under the Women’s Preventative benefit and are sometimes covered under the durable medical equipment (DME) benefit.

What’s more is that Blue Cross Blue Shield typically allows one breast pump per pregnancy (a great benefit!) and a double electric breast pump is usually covered (vs a manual breast pump or breast pump rental).

Coverage varies from plan to plan, however. To learn exactly what your plan covers, you should contact the member services number on the back of your insurance ID card. Or, fill out our qualification form and we will verify your coverage.

What other BCBS benefits can 1 Natural Way help me with?

In addition to a free breast pump through most BCBS plans, moms with certain plans can also receive pregnancy support bands and/or maternity compression stockings.

Support bands ease discomfort by relieving pregnancy-related pressure from the abdomen, hips, and lower back, while maternity compression stockings help reduce swelling and discomfort and promote circulation in the legs.

Many moms with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance are also eligible for lactation constultations and breast pump replacement parts and accessories. Pump parts and supplies can be delivered montly through 1 Natural Way's Milkzoom ™ Program.

What are the details of my BCBS breast pump coverage?

The great thing about Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance is you can go anywhere in the United States and be covered under the BCBS network. The tricky thing about BCBS is that it's different from state to state and plan to plan.

So it's probably no surprise that the breast pump benefits and the breast pumps covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield can vary greatly by state and plan. If we know your state and insurance ID number, 1 Natural Way can show you what breast pumps you can get through your BCBS insurance. We'll also let you know if you're eligible for breast pump supplies, lactation consultations and maternity wellness products

Get started here! to find out all the details of your BCBS coverage.

What breast pumps does BCBS cover? Can I get any pump I want?

Your Blue Cross Blue Shield pump benefits depend upon the state plan under which you are covered and/or the state in which you reside. Once we verify your insurance, we’ll let you know what breast pumps are fully covered (and which are not).

1 Natural Way offers the following breast pump brands to choose from: Spectra, Medela, Elvie, Ameda, Willow, Freemie, Lansinoh, Ardo and Motif. We offer standard and deluxe models, as well as many great portable and hands-free breast pumps that are so useful for busy moms.

If you prefer a more expensive pump than one that is fully covered by your plan, you can apply the cost of a covered breast pump toward the cost of a pump of your choice.

Qualify for a Breast Pump through 1 Natural Way

Find out what products you qualify to receive through your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.

Fill out our simple intake form and let us do the heavy lifting

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