Postpartum Recovery Garments

Insurance Covered Recovery Garment for Postpartum Wellness

Personalized fit with broad range of sizes

Medical-Grade Compression

All-Day Comfort with breathable fabric.

FDA-listed garment accelerates postpartum recovery with C-section friendly zipper, gentle compression, and targeted support.

Postpartum compression garments, distinct from shapewear, prioritize pelvic floor support. Recommended from two weeks to four months postpartum, they offer comprehensive midsection support during daily tasks, distinguishing them from belly wraps or recovery belts.

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Step 1

1. Instantly verify your benefits

Step 1

2. Once Ordered, we’ll obtain a prescription

Step 1

3. We’ll ship your postpartum garment

Why you might need a Postpartum Recovery Garment?

In the early postpartum period, your core muscles require extra support as they heal. Medical-grade compression aids this process without straining the pelvic floor. A postpartum girdle helps stabilize joints, reduces swelling, and enhances mobility, while also providing crucial back support for proper posture during new motherhood.

Diastasis Recti Recovery: Diastasis Recti (DR) is common post-pregnancy, where abdominal muscles separate. A postpartum support garment aids in the recovery process, providing extra support and helping the abdominal muscles realign.

C-Section Recovery: Cesarean delivery recovery can be challenging. Postpartum compression garments aid in healing by providing external support to the scar and protecting it during the sensitive postpartum period. Motif Medical's garment, featuring a side zipper, ensures comfort and convenience without irritation.

Posture and Back Pain: During and after pregnancy, the sacroiliac joint loosens, leading to lower back discomfort. Wearing a postpartum support garment helps maintain good posture, aligns the lower back, and combats back pain, especially when core strength is reduced.

Postpartum Recovery Garment
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“Motif’s Postpartum Recovery Garment supports both your pelvic floor and your abdomen so that all of these areas will come back together to form a strong core. Once these set muscles have had the time they need to be a firm foundation around your abdomen, they will hold you steady during your daily activities and hopefully you’ll have avoided any additional problems along the way”

- Rebekah Mustaleski
Certified Professional Midwife

Frequently Asked Questions about Postpartum Recovery Garments

Is a postpartum recovery garment the same as apostpartum girdle or postpartum belly band?

Yes and no. The health benefits offered by all of these products can be very similar (e.g. shorter recovery time, reduced swelling, better mobility), although “belly band” is often used to describe an accessory that is cosmetic in nature (reduces how much the tummy shows) and not medical.

The design of most postpartum recovery garments is different than both a postpartum girdle and belly band. A postpartum garment typically has shoulder straps and legs (or leg holes) and supports your entire midsection, rather than just wrapping around your stomach/lower back.

The benefit of a garment is that it tends to move with you a bit better and often gives you cleaner lines under your clothing than a postpartum girdle or band.

When do I wear a postpartum recoverty garment?

As a rule of thumb, postpartum recovery garments should be worn (even during sleep) within the first week following delivery up to approximately four weeks. Your physician can assess your specific post-delivery needs and progress and advise what is best for you.

Should a postpartum compression garment like this be tight?

The postpartum recovery garment offered by 1 Natural Way is a medical-grade compression product. Therefore, it should be snug- or close-fitting without being uncomfortable. You should feel support, but not pain.

Keep in mind that it is a medical compression garment and not “shapewear” - although it will likely improve the fit of your clothing.

That said, it should NOT cause pain in your chest or pelvis, painful restriction or cause your abdomen to hurt. Remember - a postpartum recovery garment is supposed to make you feel better!

How do I decide on teh right size postpartum garment for me?

Some lucky moms are eligible for two postpartum recovery garments through insurance. If you have this benefit and are unsure which size will fit you best, you may want to order two different sizes.

If you can only receive one garment, we suggest ordering in accordance with the size chart below. Remember, we are always available to answer any questions you might have to help you make the best sizing decision for you. Reach us at 888-977-2229 .

Use your hip measurement after 36 weeks or your pre-pregnancy pant size before delivery. If you have gained more than 35lbs during pregnancy, please add one size for proper fit.

Postpartum Size Chart Waist Hips Pre-Pregnancy
Pant Size
Extra Small 24-26 34-36 00-2
Small 24-26 37-39 4-6
Medium 30-32 40-42 8-10
Large 43-45 43-45 12-14
X Large 37-39 46-49 16-18
2X Large 40-44 50-54 20-22

Can this postpartum recovery garment be used with my nursing bra?

Yes! Since this garment covers your abdomen but not your chest, you are free to choose any bra to wear with it.

Why is a prescription required to receive a postpartum recovery garment?

A prescription from your physican (or midwife) is required by your insurance company to support that a postpartum recovery garment is medically necessary.