Motif Breast Pumps through Insurance

Motif Medical was founded on the premise that a more comfortable and affordable breast pump could be developed if it was approached from the perspective of the mother and her child. A group of medical professionals, engineers and working moms joined forces to form Motif Medical and launch the company’s first breast pump.

Since that time, the company has added more breast pumps and other maternity- and breastfeeding-related products that many women can access affordably through their health insurance. Motif now offers pregnancy support bands, postpartum recovery garments, breast pump accessories and more.

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Why Do Moms Pick Motif Medical? Motif Breast Pump Reviews

I got the Motif Luna and so far I love it! The night light, the sound isn’t loud, I love everything about it!

Jocelyn A.

I was torn between the Spectra and Motif Luna and was hesitant to get the Luna because it’s a new pump on the market, but I am so glad I did! My pumping sessions are half the time from my old pump and the pump looks great, too!

Elena P.

This pump (Motif Luna) is so much better. The flanges fit much more comfortably, I express milk in half the time and I am pumping more milk over all.

Madison P.

I received this pump through my insurance and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it works! I have been able to pump and empty my breast quicker than my other pump, and the massage ridges on the nipple shields help with the pain of engorgement.


I am really liking this pump (Motif Twist)! Really simple and user friendly. Also, it’s compact and has the ability to run on batteries. Fairly quiet.

Emily G.

Features Moms Love about Motif Breast Pumps

Motif breast pumps promise moms affordability and comfort – and with the Luna, “more milk in less time.” 1 Natural Way carries both the Motif Luna and the Motif Twist. Both are double electric pumps and that offer the following features:

  • Single or double pumping options
  • Two-phase pumping
  • Backflow protection (closed system)
  • 1-year limited warranty on pump and 90 days on parts/accessories

The Motif Luna also offers:

  • Hospital strength vacuum range up to 280 mmHg
  • Night light and backlit display

Motif Breast Pump Comparison Chart

  Built-in Battery Size Max Suction What's great about this pump
Motif Twist No 4" diameter x 3.25"; < 1 lb 250 mmHg A great value – 100% covered under most plans. Very easy to assemble and operate
Motif Luna No 7" x 8" x 2.5"; 2 lbs. 280 mmHg; hospital strength Offers a lot at a lower price point – quiet, powerful, compact (and cute)

Frequently Asked Questions about Motif Breast Pumps

Is the Motif Twist a portable breast pump? The Motif Luna?

At less than a pound, four inches in diameter and able to run on four AA batteries, we think the Motif Twist is a very portable breast pump! It’s one of the smallest and lightest pumps we offer – and it’s fully covered by every insurance plan we accept. It’s a really nice breast pump through insurance.

The Motif Luna, while fairly lightweight and compact, needs to be plugged in to an outlet. So while it’s size and weight make it easy to put in a bag and carry, it can’t be used anywhere.

Is the Motif Luna a hospital-strength breast pump?

Yes! With a vacuum range that tops out at 280 mmHg, the Luna would be considered hospital strength, so moms can look forward to efficient pumping sessions.

We always like to remind moms that a hospital-strength breast pump (designed for personal use) is different than a hospital-grade breast pump (designed for multiple users). For more discussion about hospital-strength breast pumps vs. hospital-grade breast pumps, read our post about different kinds of breast pumps.

Get A Motif Breast Pump Free through Insurance

Through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it’s possible for women to get a free breast pump through insurance. We’ll let you know exactly what your plan covers when you fill out our qualification form.

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