Elvie Trainer
Elvie Trainer

Elvie Trainer

by Elvie

Product Description

The pelvic floor is a powerful set of muscles that play a critical role in a woman‚s core stability, bladder control and intimate wellbeing. And many of us will experience pelvic floor problems at some time in our life - one in three women and up to 80% of expecting and new moms are affected.

The award-winning Elvie Trainer helps you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles by guiding you through fun 5-minute Kegel workouts and monitoring your technique and progress. Many women get results in less than four weeks!

Both the Trainer and the Elvie Pump are examples of how the Elvie company is fulfilling its mission to improve women's lives through smarter technology.

Product Specifications

Brand Elvie
Manufacturer Part Number EL01-01
UPC 5060442520004
Smiling Baby Face

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