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The folks at Elvie have made it their mission to liberate breastfeeding moms from sockets, wires and being tied down to one place while pumping. They know that wearable breast pumps are key to allowing breastfeeding moms to multi-task. Elvie hands free breast pumps give back more than just time - they give moms more freedom.

Elvie changed the way that women think about pumping with the Elvie Pump, the world’s first silent, wearable breast pump. They soon followed with even more game-changing pumps like the hands free Elvie Stride breast pump and the Elvie Curve manual breast pump, as well as the Elvie Catch milk collector.

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The New Elvie Stride Breast Pump

Because they are hands free and concealed under clothing, Elvie brand breast pumps give moms the freedom to pump at work (without a lactation room), while running errands or caring for baby - whatever and wherever.

Following in the footsteps of its big sister, Elvie Pump, the Elvie Stride offers mobility, quiet pumping and connects to the Pump with Elvie app. Plus, the Stride breast pump also packs hospital strength power into a compact motor. Compare the pumps in detail with the chart below or with our Elvie vs. Elvie blog post.

The Elvie Stride is an exciting addition to our line-up of top rated breast pumps. And getting an Elvie pump with insurance is possible with 1 Natural Way.

Why Do Moms Choose Elvie?
Elvie Breast Pump Reviews

Most moms qualify for an Elvie breast pump through insurance (and some moms can even get the Elvie Stride at no cost)! 1 Natural Way offers three Elvie brand pumps - the original wireless and wearable Elvie Pump, the hands-free, wearable Elvie Stride and the Elvie Curve manual breast pump.


This (Elvie Pump) has totally changed my pumping game. I can now express on the go and it's so discreet in the bra that it's barely noticeable. It's also so much quieter than I thought it would be. The app is so useful. I love that Elvie have even thought to include adjustable bra extenders! Thanks Elvie you've made my life so much easier!!


I feel like my pumping journey can be extended as this pump (Elvie Stride) has greatly reduced my stress level. If you are a working mom who needs a true hands-free option that allows you to be mobile, look no further. This is the pump for you!


I absolutely love the Elvie Stride. I’ve had higher output using it and it’s very comfortable! The pump is very quiet as well. I’m able to pump whenever, wherever without other people even noticing. I highly recommend it!


5 star pump, seriously (Elvie Pump). You can change diapers, take a bath, or even nap while pumping. I pumped during dinner with my in-laws because our babe was still sleeping, and they had no idea!! Easy to clean, easy to pack, easy to control via the app and keep track of pumping sessions. Well worth my money spent!


This product is perfection. I have wanted a portable pump since I was pregnant with my first baby and I couldn’t get one with insurance coverage. When I found out the Elvie Stride was available, I immediately purchased! I am more comfortable pumping than ever before with more traditional pumps. Would 10/10 recommend to any nursing mama!


Amazing - I use this (Elvie Curve) instead of pumping some times and it is so much more convenient, and doesn't spill! I will be buying another so I can use two at once.

Elvie Breast Pumps Features that Moms Love Most

1 Natural Way offers two double electric breast pump models by Elvie - the Elvie Pump Double and the Elvie Stride. Both offer the following features:

  • Single or double pumping options
  • Hands-free, wearable pumping
  • Two-phase pumping with adjustable intensity settings
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Rechargeable battery that delivers up to five 30-minute sessions
  • Connection to the Pump with Elvie app for tracking and remote control
  • 2-year limited warranty on the pump and 90 days on parts/accessories
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Frequently Asked Questions about Elvie Breast Pump

Is the Elvie truly a wearable breast pump?

Yes! The Elvie is an incredibly wearable breast pump! In fact, the Elvie pump is designed to be worn with a standard nursing bra, so there is no need to purchase special garments to use it. The pump comes with four bra adjusters, which help you find the right fit no matter what bra you are wearing.

Is the Elvie pump considered a double electric breast pump?

1 Natural Way carries the Elvie Pump Double, which consists of two separate hands free breast pumps that operate on an in-built, rechargeable battery. Elvie also sells a single pump for moms who want to pump while nursing or one breast at a time.

Is the Elvie breast pump covered by insurance?

Many commercial insurance plans will allow you to use your breast pump benefit toward the Elvie Pump. However, in most cases, the amount allowed by the insurance company will only partially cover the Elvie Pump. 1 Natural Way can tell you what your insurance plan covers and if the Elvie Pump is an option for you.

FSA/HSA funds can be used toward Elvie brand breast pumps.

What is the difference between the Elvie pump and the Willow breast pump?

Both the Elvie and the Willow are fantastic hands free breast pumps - totally concealable, Bluetooth-connected, wear anywhere, time-saving little wonders! But there definitely are differences between the two pumps. We think the most significant differences are:

  • Milk Collection and Capacity: The Elvie uses 5 oz. collection containers while the Willow has 4 oz. milk bags or 4 oz. collection containers to choose from.
  • Size: The Elvie is slightly smaller and weighs about 5oz. less than the Willow.
  • Parts: The Willow has less parts to assemble and clean (4 vs. 5 in the Elvie)
  • Warranty: The Elvie pump motor is covered for 2 years and the Willow pump motor is covered for 12 months. The parts/accessories of both pumps are warranted for 90 days.

Get One of the Best Breast Pumps through Insurance

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