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Freemie was invented by a doctor after she gave birth to premature twins and struggled to find time to work and pump as much as she needed for her babies. Recognizing that many women struggle to find time and a suitable space to pump at work, she started the Freemie brand (which began with Freemie collection cups) to enable working moms to feed their baby breast milk while maintaining their work schedule.

With Freemie breast pumps, moms can express milk efficiently and discreetly, so that they can pump as often or as long as needed – even while working.

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Freemie Breast Pump Reviews – Here’s Why Moms Love Freemie

I love my Freemie! So easy and hands free! I have recommended all my friends to pay the small fee for this if insurance doesn’t cover 100%. The suction is great but I do wish it had a timer but I just use my phone for that

Kayleigh S.

These are amazing! Total game changer. I love that I can pump in front of friends and family and participate in conversation while they visit instead of having to go in the other room for 20 min.

Talena C.

Favorite Features of the Freemie Independence Breast Pump

One of the reasons that moms love the Freemie Independence breast pump is because it’s an incredible value for a hands-free pumping experience. Our most affordable wearable breast pump, the Freemie Independence is mobile, concealable and offers:

  • Single or double pumping options
  • Hospital strength vacuum range up to 280 mmHg
  • Backflow protection (closed system)
  • Two-phase pumping with adjustable suction levels
  • Portable - In-built battery that charges via micro-USB
  • 365 hours or 1-year limited warranty on pump and 60 days on parts/accessories

Frequently Asked Questions about Freemie Independence Hands Free Breast Pump

What is the difference between Freemie Independence vs. Liberty?

The Freemie Liberty and the Freemie Independence mobile breast pumps are very similar! In fact, there are only two real differences between the two:

  1. The Liberty has an LCD display that shows the current settings of the breast pump. The Independence does not have a display.
  2. The Freemie Liberty also has a sleep timer, which can be set in 5 minute intervals, up to 40 minutes. The pump shuts off automatically after 40 minutes

The size, settings, vacuum strength and accessories of the Liberty and Independence are the same. While the Freemie Liberty is available through many online and brick-and-mortar stores, the Independence is typically available through insurance.

Is the Freemie Independence a wearable breast pump like the Willow breast pump or the Elvie pump?

Yes and no. Like both the Willow and the Elvie mobile, hands-free breast pumps, moms can pump with the Freemie Independence almost anytime and anywhere. It’s small, quiet and concealable and can be worn on-the-go – whether at work, taking care of the kids, doing chores or any of the million things that moms do!

The Independence differs from the Elvie and Willow breast pumps in that the pump motor is separate from the collection cups. Therefore, the Freemie pump requires tubing that the other pumps do not. The Freemie Independence’s separate motor, however, gives it a bit more suction strength (up to 280 mmHg) than the Elvie (240 mmHg) or the Willow (245 mmHg).

Do I need a different or special bra with a Freemie breast pump (or Freemie cups)?

Most women don’t need a special bra to use a Freemie pump and cups effectively. The key is to use a bra that applies enough pressure to create a secure seal between your breasts and the collection cups. Freemie recommends trying all of your bras with the cups so that you know what bras will work.

Is the Freemie Independence a closed system breast pump?

Yes, it is a closed system

There seems to be some confusion about that, because the original Freemie Liberty breast pump (which the Independence is modeled after) was an open system breast pump vs. a closed system. However, the NEW Freemie Liberty and the Freemie Independence pumps both have a closed system.

With 1 Natural way, many moms can get a fully covered Freemie Independence breast pump though insurance. To find out if your insurance plan covers the Independence (and other top breast pumps), fill out our qualification form. Questions? Call us at 888-977-2229.