Freemie Independence II Breast Pump
Freemie Independence II Base Unit
Freemie Independence II Breast Pump Features
Freemie Independence II Breast Pump
Freemie Independence II Base Unit
Freemie Independence II Breast Pump Features

Freemie Independence II

by Freemie

Product Description

The wearable Freemie Independence II breast pump gives you complete freedom to move around while pumping. With lightweight cups completely concealed in your bra and a tiny pump worn on your hip (or wherever is right for you), just turn it on and go on with your day.

Hospital strength suction, over 100 suction and speed combinations, and three memory settings mean the Independence II delivers efficient pumping. Plus, the closed system Freemie Cups can hold up to eight ounces of breast milk. On-the-go moms will love the flexibility to pump when and where they need to - not to mention the affordability of this truly hands-free breast pump.

Features & Benefits

  • Wearable: Super light collection cups slip into your bra and the tiny pump fits right in your pocket (or in your bag, on your waistband or anywhere!).
  • Quiet: Quiet motor for discreet pumping.
  • Strength: Hospital strength suction up to 280mmHg with Turbo Power setting.
  • Technology: Turbo Power mode, a proprietary extended draw and release cycle, provides a prolonged pull at any suction level, allowing more versatility with your pump settings.
  • Closed System: Uses Freemie concealable, closed system cups (pump is not compatible with Freemie original open system cups).
  • Settings: 10 suction and 10 cycle settings - along with Turbo mode - provide more than 100 unique combinations for comfortable and efficient pumping.
  • Battery Power: Rechargeable battery uses a USB cable and delivers close to 2 .5 hours of operating time.
  • Session Features: Auto shut off and three customizable memory settings for saving different patterns and pumping styles (like power pumping vs. more relaxed pumping).
  • Display: LED lights indicate speed and suction levels.
  • Extra Perks: Collect up to 8 ounces of milk inside each lightweight Freemie Cup.

Product Specifications

Brand Freemie
Manufacturer Part Number FG083
UPC 851690007868
Breast Pump Type Double Electric Breast Pump
Pumping Options Single or Double Pumping
Vacuum (max mmHg) 280 mmHg
System Type Closed System / Backflow Protection
Dimensions 4" (L) x 4" (W) x 2" (H)
Weight 0.5 lb.
Power Source Rechargeable battery; USB adaptor
BPA Free Yes
Warranty 365 hours or 1 year on pump motor and 60 days on accessories; call (916) 339-7388 for service
Categories Portable Breast Pump; Hospital Strength Breast Pump; Hands Free Breast Pump; Wearable Breast Pump; Cordless/Wireless Breast Pump
User Manual Download Here


  • 1 - Freemie Independence II breast pump
  • 2 - 25 mm funnels
  • 2 - Collection cups
  • 1 - Set of tubing and connectors
  • 1 - Micro-USB to USB cord
  • 1 - Clothing clip
  • 1 - Carrying bag
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