Terms And Conditions

Customer/Client Service Agreement: In terms of daily operations, the Customer/Client Service Agreement (“CSA”) is defined as the Products Order Form that is completed by each customer when ordering and any terms, policies, rules, etc. implicated thereby or incorporated therein. This form includes, for example, all information about the customer that is required by 1 Natural Way, LLC (“1 Natural Way”) to file claims to insurance for payment and what specific products are ordered and being provided. This form also includes an Assignment of Benefits provision to allow us to bill the claim on the client's behalf, and it is signed electronically by the customer or their designated representative.

In some cases, products ordered require a separate attestation to be completed and e-signed by the customer as well. These documents, along with any other information received from the prescribing doctor, including prescriptions, are part of the CSA.

Authorization/Consent for Care/Service: By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the customer and the customer's representative (“customer”) has been informed of the product options available to them, and of the selection of providers from which the customer may choose. The customer authorizes 1 Natural Way, under the direction of the customer's prescribing physician, to provide products and services. The customer further acknowledges that the CSA has been explained and that the customer understands the information.

Assignment of Benefits/Authorization for Payment: All benefits and payments must be made directly to 1 Natural Way for any 1 Natural Way products or services. 1 Natural Way will seek such benefits and payments on the customer's behalf. It is understood that, as a courtesy, 1 Natural Way will bill Medicaid, other federally funded sources, and other payers and insurers providing coverage, but only for those items COVERED by that particular Plan. The customer is responsible for providing all necessary information and for making sure all certification and enrollment requirements are fulfilled. Any changes in insurance coverage must be reported to 1 Natural Way within 10 days of the change.

Release of Information: The customer requests and authorizes 1 Natural Way, the customer's prescribing physician, hospital, and any other holder of information relevant to services or products provided or to be provided by 1 Natural Way, to release information upon request to 1 Natural Way, any payer source, physician, or any other medical personnel or agency involved with the provision products or services. The customer also authorizes 1 Natural Way to review medical history and payer information for the purpose of providing products and services. If 1 Natural Way is unable to process an order due to being out of network and 1 Natural Way has an in-network partner, customer gives permission to forward all information to the in-network partner.

Financial Responsibility, Arrangements, and Health Insurance: All sums that may become due for a product or service are due at the time such product or service is supplied, unless alternate payment arrangements have been approved in advance by an authorized 1 Natural Way staff member. These sums include, but are not limited to, all deductibles, co-payments, out-of-pocket requirements, and non-covered services. If for any reason, and to any extent, 1 Natural Way does not receive payment from the customer's payer source (e.g., because the customer is no longer eligible for coverage or because the service or product is not covered), the customer's balance is due in full within 30 days of 1 Natural Way's invoice to customer.

All customer owed charges not paid within 30 days of the billing date shall be assessed late charges, and are subject to interest charges of 1.5% per month (or the maximum legally allowable interest charge, whichever is lower). The customer will also be liable for all collection costs and all attorneys' fees.

1 Natural Way accepts most major credit cards. We realize that temporary financial problems may affect timely payment to your account. If such problems do arise, customer must contact us promptly to discuss assistance in the management of customer's account.

Financial Responsibility for Non-Covered Items: By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the customer agrees that if the customer's insurance does not cover all items ordered, even if the item is one that the customer or the healthcare provider has good reason to think is necessary, 1 Natural Way will not charge the insurance company and the customer will have financial responsibility for payment for the non-covered item(s). The customer also agrees that 1 Natural Way has offered alternative covered items (if any) and the cost of the non-covered item, and that the customer has then accepted financial responsibility for the non-covered item.

Consent for Contact: By accepting these Terms and Conditions, customer consents to receive phone calls, texts, e-mails, and pre-recorded messages from 1 Natural Way and of its subsidiaries regarding 1 Natural Way products and services, at the phone number(s) (including wireless number if provided) and email address(es) provided. These communications may be generated using an automated technology, and normal carrier charges may apply. Please be aware that most standard email platforms are not a secure means of communication, and your protected health information that may be contained in emails will not be encrypted. This means that there is risk that your protected health information in emails could be intercepted and read by, or disclosed to, unauthorized third parties. Use of alternative and more secure methods of communication, such as telephone, fax, or the U.S. Postal Service, are available to you. If you do not wish to accept the risks associated with non-secure unencrypted email communications containing your protected health information, please advise us that you do not wish to communicate via email by contacting us at 888-977-2229. If you agree to receive information from 1 Natural Way via email or text, you agree to accept the security and privacy risks of such methods of communication. Customer acknowledges and agrees that if customer consents to text notifications regarding an order, text alerts will be sent to the number(s) provided, and customer understands that anyone with access to the mobile phone or carrier account associated with a number provided will be able to see the information communicated.

Communication with Minors: We are committed to protecting the privacy of children. 1 Natural Way's website and ordering system are not directed at users under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, you are not permitted to register with 1 Natural Way, submit personal information, or place orders.

Scope of Service: 1 Natural Way offers the following products to our customers which, in general terms, are as follows: breast pumps; breast-feeding supplies; replacement parts; maternity compression stockings; and support bands.

Customer Obligation-Previous Receipt of Breast pump: Most insurance plans contain specific limitations regarding frequency and quantities. 1 Natural Way is familiar with coverage criteria, and will make reasonable efforts to keep customers informed of those criteria PRIOR to any orders being approved. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the customer attests that the customer is pregnant and intends to breastfeed. Customer also agrees that customer has NOT ordered or received a breast pump from another supplier for this current pregnancy. Failure to do so may result in a denied insurance claim that 1 Natural Way is unable to change. In those cases, customer acknowledges and agrees that customer will be financially responsible for any order shipped from 1 Natural Way.

Upgrades for Insurance Covered Breast Pumps: IF the customer's insurance policy allows customer to select upgrade options, customer may select the pump of customer's choice, as offered by 1 Natural Way. By selecting an upgrade option, customer acknowledges that customer is ordering a product that is NOT fully covered by customer's particular plan. 1 Natural Way will apply the full amount of customer's plan benefit to the cost of the chosen upgrade, and customer will pay the difference out of pocket. These options are explained as part of the normal ordering process. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, customer understands that customer has the option to receive any of the pumps 1 Natural Way offers as covered by customer's plan that will be fully covered, but customer voluntarily chooses to upgrade to a different pump of customer's preference at customer's cost.

On-call/After Hours Service: After normal business hours, 1 Natural Way can be reached via telephone at 888-977-2229 for purposes of leaving a message, and a 1 Natural Way customer service representative will then respond to the customer during normal business hours. In the event of an emergency, dial 911 or other local emergency services number that provides immediate assistance.

Customer Complaint/Grievance Process: In the event the customer should become dissatisfied with their experience in working with 1 Natural Way to obtain products or services or is somehow injured while using the product in the prescribed manner, a complaint may be lodged without concern for reprisal, discrimination, or unreasonable interruption of service. The customer has the right to present questions or grievances to a 1 Natural Way staff member, and to receive a response in a reasonable period of time. For complaints or grievances, please contact 1 Natural Way's office by phone or mail. All contact information and our process for handling complaints can be found below. The following procedure details the steps that 1 Natural Way will take when a customer's complaint/grievance is received:

Upon receipt of grievance/complaint:

  • A 1 Natural Way staff member will complete the grievance/complaint form in its entirety and attach all necessary documents regarding the grievance/complaint.
  • Within five calendar days of receiving the grievance/complaint, a Customer Service Supervisor will notify the customer that the complaint has been received and 1 Natural Way is investigating.
  • The Customer Service Supervisor, the Chief Financial Officer (”CFO”) and the Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) will speak with involved employees, and conduct additional training as appropriate.
  • 1 Natural Way will attempt to resolve the customer's concern to the customer's satisfaction.
  • Within fourteen calendar days, 1 Natural Way shall provide written notification to the customer of the results of the investigation. Each complaint/incident report will be uploaded to the customer's file box in the portal, if applicable. The form and additional documentation will be given to the COO for review and signature.
  • After signature and review is completed, the COO will forward the grievance/complaint form to the Chief Compliance Officer (“CCO”), as this information will be logged and filed and will be part of 1 Natural Way's Internal Operating Procedures (“I.O.P.”) studies for the next quarter.

1 Natural Way's Contact Information: 1 Natural Way, LLC - 4064 Technology Drive - Suite C - Maumee, OH 43537, phone: 888-977-2229, fax: 877-722-5010.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: 1 Natural Way sends customer surveys via email approximately 5-7 days after an order has been shipped. Data is collected/analyzed on a weekly basis. By completing the survey, you acknowledge that you have been informed of this customer satisfaction survey procedure.