Lansinoh Postpartum Recovery Essentials
Lansinoh Postpartum Recovery Essentials

Lansinoh Postpartum Recovery Essentials

by Lansinoh

Product Description

The Lansinoh Postpartum Recovery Essentials bundle gives you three must-have products for birth recovery. This 3-step regimen provides gentle cleansing, soothing care, and cooling relief for the pain and discomfort caused by birth and delivery.

  1. Cleanse - Upside-down Postpartum Wash Bottle for gentle, hygienic cleansing of sore, tender areas and to dilute urine for more comfortable bathroom trips.
  2. Soothe - Herbal Postpartum Spray made with a unique, drug-free blend of herbal ingredients to soothe and cool a sore, tender perineum. Dermatologically and gynecologically tested.
  3. Relieve - Hot and Cold Postpartum Therapy Packs provide cooling pain relief from perineal, hemorrhoidal, and c-section discomfort and hot soothing relief from postpartum uterine cramping. Convenient to use right out of the freezer or microwave.
  • Wash bottle designed for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach areas
  • Herbal spray made with soothing, plant-based ingredients
  • Comfort and relief from flexible hot and cold pads
  • Backed by research and designed for postpartum use

Product Specifications

Brand Lansinoh
Manufacturer Part Number 69150
UPC 044677691505
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