Zomee Fit
Zomee Fit
Zomee Fit
Zomee Fit
Zomee Fit
Zomee Fit
Zomee Fit
Zomee Fit
Zomee Fit
Zomee Fit
Zomee Fit
Zomee Fit
Zomee Fit
Zomee Fit
Zomee Fit
Zomee Fit
Zomee Fit
Zomee Fit

Zomee Fit

by Zomee

Product Description

With the Zomee Fit, pumping hands free never felt so good. Every mom knows that when it comes to pumping every drop counts. With a hospital grade strength motor and anti-backflow system that prevents leaks, moms can pump with ease knowing that not even a single drop will be wasted.

Pumping in public? No problem. This silent pump and rechargeable battery allows for zero interruption and the highest level of discretion possible so moms can pump anywhere, anytime. Quick and easy to assemble and clean, the Zomee fit was designed for both convenience and comfort.

Features & Benefits

  • Wearable: It tucks straight into your bra for hands free, hidden pumping action. So, you can hold more important things, like your phone, or your favorite Starbucks order.
  • Quiet: Its incredible low noise levels result in a silent pumping experience.
  • Smart: Memory Function (Remembers the last setting)
  • Settings: 9 Levels Stimulation 9 Levels Expression 9 Levels 2-Phase Mode (mimics way baby feeds from mom giving mom extra stimulation for quicker let down) Auto LED Screen Lock (After 30 seconds, screen goes off automatically) 2 Mins Auto-Switch from Stimulation to Expression Display LED Screen (display of mode, battery status & levels)
  • Strength: Hospital Grade Strength
  • Closed Systems: Anti-Backflow System BPA + Phthalate Free Easy to Clean and Assemble
  • Battery Power: 2+ Hours Battery Life Reaches 260MMHG- 26~ 100CPM

Product Videos


Zomee Fit - How to Assemble


Zomee Fit - How to Use


Zomee Fit - How to Clean

Product Specifications

Brand Zomee
Manufacturer Part Number ZFHF
Breast Pump Type Double Electric Breast Pump
Pumping Options Single or Double Pumping
Vacuum (max mmHg) 260 mmHg
System Type Closed System / Backflow Protection
Weight 0.58 lb.
Power Source Rechargeable battery; USB Adaptor
BPA Free Yes
Warranty 2 year on pump motor and 90 days on accessories; call (954) 678-1099 for service
Categories Portable Breast Pump; Hospital Strength Breast Pump; Hands Free Breast Pump; Wearable; Cordless/Wireless Breast Pump; Smart Breast Pump


  • 2 - Zomee Fit Pump Motor
  • 2 - 25 mm Breast Shield
  • 2 - 21 mm Breast Shield Insert
  • 2 - 17 mm Breast Shield Insert
  • 2 - Breast Shield Body
  • 2 - Diaphragm
  • 2 - 150 ml Collection Container
  • 2 - Collection Container Lid
  • 4 - Seal Rings
  • 4 - Duckbill Valve
  • 2 - Type-C Charging Cable
  • 2 - Bra Adjusters
  • 1 - Collection Container Brush
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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Zomee Fit different from the Zomee Z2?

The Zomee Fit is like wearing a Zomee Z2 inside your bra. The same high-quality, hospital grade strength and anti-backflow protection you get from your Zomee breast pump is also part of the Fit design.

How do I get similar suction on my Zomee Fit as the Zomee Z2?

Nipple placement is everything - when pumping it is essential to mimic the deep latch when breastfeeding. To achieve this, lean forward and align the breast shield to the direction of your nipples when you are putting on your Fit. Make sure there is a proper seal around the nipple, and it feels secure.

Do I need a special bra for the Zomee Fit?

Wearing a supportive tight bra will ensure that your pumping sessions are comfortable and effective. Every bra has a different level of support, therefore make sure to get the compression right before each session. If you are using a more structured bra, try using the Bra Adjuster (included with your pump) to create more room.

Will the Zomee Fit be the right size for me?

Knowing the correct breast shield size makes pumping more comfortable and efficient. Use the nipple ruler that was included with your Zomee Fit, to determine your flange size. Each pump comes with a 25mm liquid soft silicone breast shield and pairs of both 17mm and 21mm breast shield inserts.

Does the Zomee Fit have different pumping modes?

Like the Z2, the Fit has 9 levels of Stimulation mode, 9 levels of Expression mode, and 9 levels of 2-Phase mode. When you turn on your wearable pump for the first time, it will automatically enter level 1 of Stimulation mode. The pump will automatically switch to Expression mode after 2 minutes of pumping. You can also manually press the mode button to enter Expression mode if your milk starts to flow earlier.

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