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How To Use And Clean The Elvie Pump

By Amy Huffman | April 16, 2021

Elvie Pump Double Breast Pump
Pump anywhere with the Elvie Pump

If spending hours a day tied to a wall while pumping sounds like something you’d like to pass on, the Elvie breast pump may be an option you’d like to consider. A wearable breast pump, like the Elvie Pump, will allow you to hold your baby, make a meal, or even run errands all while discreetly pumping milk.

Our most popular hands-free breast pump, we get lots of questions about how to properly (and most efficiently!) use and clean the Elvie Pump, so we pulled the information together for you in one place.

How to Use Elvie Pump?

If you haven’t used your Elvie Pump before, spend some time reviewing the manual so that you know the appropriate names for each piece. Each unit consists of three parts: 1) the Hub (which houses the electronics and actual pumping apparatus/motor), 2) the detachable milk bottle with spout and valve, and 3) the breast shield and seal for your nipple and breast.

You’ll also want to download the Elvie app, which allows you to monitor milk volume in real time, track pumping history for each breast and control the pump remotely.

Elvie Pump Double Breast Pump Parts
Elvie Pump assembly is easy when you are familiar with the parts.

When it comes to assembling the Elvie Pump for use:

  1. Attach the Seal to the Breast Shield, using the tabs as guides
  2. Push the Breast Shield into the Hub
  3. Twist and click the Spout onto the Bottle
  4. Push the Valve onto the Spout
  5. Click the Bottle onto the Hub

Pressing the power button turns the device on and lights up the other manual controls (like the play/pause button, two intensity buttons, and a left/right side selector). Alternatively, after manually powering it on, you can use the app to control pump settings.

Don’t stress if it takes you a few tries to get the alignment of your breast and nipple right. Soon you’ll be a pro! Elvie has some great visuals and tips on pages 28-30 of the instructions.

To end your pumping session:

  1. Press Play / Pause to stop pumping
  2. Unclip your nursing bra and use your finger to break the seal that formed around your nipple
  3. Remove Elvie Pump from your bra
  4. Press Power to switch off

Alternatively, the Elvie Pump will automatically stop pumping when the bottle is full.

Keeping the Elvie Pump Charged

Your fully charged Elvie Pump should last for about two and a half hours if you are pumping at standard settings.

When the battery is low, the Battery Light will turn red - and the Elvie Pump will automatically turn off if the battery is empty. Use the Charging Cable provided to connect Elvie Pump to a USB power source, such as your computer or phone plug. Charging takes about two hours and the light on the pump will turn green when it is fully charged.

Avoid missed pumping sessions (or worse) by charging your pump immediately after finishing your session if the low battery is indicated!

Elvie Pump Double Mobile App
The Elvie Pump app makes controlling the settings and tracking sessions easy.

Cleaning and Sterilizing your Elvie Pump

The washable components of your Elvie Pump include the: Valve, Spout, Seal, Bottle, and Breast Shield. These pieces should all be cleaned and sterilized before the first use and cleaned after each time they are in contact with milk to prevent residue or bacteria buildup.

The washable components of your breast pump can be cleaned in soapy warm water, on the top shelf of your dishwasher, or by using a sterilizing method that’s suitable for bottles.

The Hub, on the other hand, contains electronics which should be kept dry. A clean, damp cloth can be used to clean the Hub.

Moms Love the Elvie!

Moms who are constantly on the go and want a nearly undetectable pump will love Elvie. From setup to clean up, using the Elvie Pump is simple to use. Comfortable, quiet, and easy are words that our customers use to describe their Elvie Pump

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