Zomee Z2
Zomee Z2
Zomee Z2
Zomee Z2
Zomee Z2
Zomee Z2
Zomee Z2
Zomee Z2
Zomee Z2
Zomee Z2

Zomee Z2

by Zomee

Product Description

Zomee's Z2 double electric breast pump brings together portability and high-quality performance to give moms a smarter pumping experience. Light weight and jam packed with 3 pumping styles and 19 suction levels; moms have the power to tailor their pumping sessions wherever they are. Whether that be sitting on the couch or out and on the go.

The Z2 pump offers hospital strength suction and an automatic, alternate-mode technology experience that works to express more milk in less time. Perfect for busy moms who need to pump, but with little to no time.

Its low-noise level and LCD screen with a nightlight even pair perfectly to minimize disruption during nighttime feeding. Made with flexibility in mind this pump takes the stress out of pumping creating a comfortable and easy experience for any mom, anywhere, all the time.

Features & Benefits

  • Wearable: Hands free pump for pumping in every situation, at home, or on the go. Quick and easy assembly with minimal parts. Discreetly attaches to chest to form a comfortable, leak proof seal.
  • Quiet: Its low-noise works great for discreetly pumping in public.
  • Smart: Alternate-mode technology. Z2 rhythmically and automatically alternate expression between breasts to increase stimulation and express more breast milk in less time.
  • Settings: 3 modes + 19 suction levels (9 levels of expression mode, 5 levels of stimulation mode, 2 levels of 2-phase mode) for a personalized pumping experience every time.
  • Strength: Hospital grade strength 260mmHG packed into a compact profile.
  • Closed Systems: No back flow means no worries.
  • Battery Power: Internal rechargeable battery that lasts for 2+ hours

Product Specifications

Brand Zomee
Manufacturer Part Number Zomee Z2
Breast Pump Type Double Electric Breast Pump
Pumping Options Single or Double Pumping
Vacuum (max mmHg) 260 mmHg
System Type Closed System / Backflow Protection
Dimensions 10" x 7" x 7"
Weight 2.6 lbs.
Power Source Rechargeable battery; USB Adaptor + AC adaptor included
BPA Free Yes
Warranty 2 year on pump motor and 90 days on accessories; call (954) 678-1099 for service
Categories Portable Breast Pump; Hospital Strength Breast Pump; Hands Free Breast Pump; Cordless/Wireless Breast Pump; Smart Breast Pump


  • 1 - Zomee Z2 Pump Motor
  • 2 - 140 ml Storage Bottles with Disc/Lids
  • 2 - Bottle Stand
  • 2 - Duckbill Valve
  • 2 - Pump Body/Flange
  • 2 - Standard Neck Adapter
  • 2 - Diaphragm
  • 2 - Diaphragm Cap
  • 2 - 21 mm Breast Shields
  • 2 - 24 mm Breast Shields
  • 1 - Tube Set
  • 2 - Silicone Sealants
  • 4 - Tube Adapters
  • 1 - Z2 USB Charging Cable and AC Adapter
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