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LaVie Lactation Massager, Teal

LaVie Lactation Massager, Teal

by LaVie

Product Description

The LaVie Lactation Massager sends out good vibrations to make your breastfeeding journey more enjoyable for you and baby.

Designed to be comfortable and effective for breasts of any shape or size, the lactation massager helps you establish a great milk flow and relieves discomfort (and offers a little peace of mind too). It does this by:

  • Relieving clogged ducts and engorgement
  • Speeding up letdown
  • Improving milk flow
  • Emptying your breast more quickly
  • Softening the breast to improve latching

The original LaVie Lactation Massager is designed to be convenient and effective for every busy mom:

  • Multiple vibration settings let you find your best fit
  • One size fits all breasts
  • Waterproof, medical grade silicone for use in the shower.
  • Rechargeable

Product Specifications

Brand LaVie
Manufacturer Part Number LV-LM1-TEAL
Smiling Baby Face

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