Junobie Breastmilk Cooling Cup
Junobie Breastmilk Cooling Cup
Junobie Breastmilk Cooling Cup
Junobie Breastmilk Cooling Cup

Junobie Breastmilk Cooling Cup

by Junobie

Product Description

Whether you are on vacation or headed back to work from maternity leave, having a breast milk cooling system is of upmost importance. The cooling cup is perfect for use when traveling, on-the-go to leisure activities such as camping/hiking, at the bedside, or use for heading back to work.

The junobie SMART cooling cup keeps breast milk cool for 24+ hours and provides up to 9 ounces of breastmilk storage. The cooling cup compares to having a refrigerator in the palm of your hand. The junobie battery operated portable breast milk cooling cup is equipped with semi-conduction refrigeration technology that allows breastmilk to rapidly cool while on-the-go.

Ice packs aren't temperature regulated and oftentimes end up melting as the day goes on, thereby leaving your precious liquid gold with an unstable and ever changing temperature throughout the day. We understand the importance of having a reliable, and portable breast milk cooling system. The junobie cooling cup provides a constant temperature for your liquid gold!

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How to use Junobie's Breastmilk Cooling Cup

Product Specifications

Brand Junobie
Manufacturer Part Number JCOLNG114
Smiling Baby Face

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