Ameda Breast Milk Storage Bottles, 4 Pack

Ameda Breast Milk Storage Bottles, 4 Pack

by Ameda

Product Description

Versatile breast milk bottles can be used for breast milk collection, hygienic storage and feeding. Reusable bottles are eco-friendly and the flexibility to use for collection, feeding and storage can save time and money.

For use in the refrigerator or freezer. Bottles have a space for clear labeling.

Size: 4 oz.

Count: 4 bottles

Compatible with: Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection System; Ameda Mya Joy; Ameda Finesse; Ameda Purely Yours Ultra (NOT for use with the Ameda Mya or Ameda Mya Pro)

Authentic Ameda Breast Pump Parts/Ameda Breast Milk Bottles

Product Specifications

Brand Ameda
Manufacturer Part Number 17244M

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