Resupply Program
Pumping Supplies Delivery

Do you need pumping supplies or replacement parts so that you can pump breast milk as effectively as possible for your little one? We have great news! Your insurance company may cover breast pump supplies and storage bags* or bottles while you are breastfeeding or exclusively pumping. New pump parts like tubing and breast shields can help bring your pump back to like-new condition, while storage bags or bottles can help you build a strong supply for baby.

1 Natural Way offers a Resupply Program through which you can receive insurance covered breastfeeding supplies – delivered right to your door! We take care of everything for you. We verify your insurance coverage and ship your replacement parts and breastfeeding supplies.

Resupply Program items may require a prescription, so we will work with your doctor’s office to obtain this on your behalf if it is required. If you are eligible for monthly shipments, we will reach out to you each month to confirm that you are still breastfeeding or exclusively pumping and would like to remain in our Resupply Program.

Our Resupply Program typically starts on your expected due date. If you deliver early, just reach out to our customer service team so that we can update your records and ship your resupply order. You can cancel this program at any time by simply letting us know you no longer need this service.

How to Enroll in 1 Natural Way’s Resupply Program

If you are interested in receiving breastfeeding supplies and would like to enroll in our Resupply Program, please email the following information to

  • Picture of the front and back of your insurance card (primary insurance)
  • Your date of birth
  • Expected due date or delivery date
  • Doctor's contact information (i.e. name and phone number)
  • Breast pump model that you have
  • Breast shield size you need
  • Shipping address
  • Phone number

Insurance plans that may cover pumping supplies and replacement parts:

  • Aetna - 3rd Party Plans
  • Medical Mutual of Ohio
  • Tricare (Tricare members may receive a one-time supply kit upon birth)

Note: Other plans may cover supplies. The plans listed above are the only plans that 1 Natural Way currently works with to provide breast pump supplies.

* Currently, Tricare is the only insurance company that will cover breast milk storage bags. All other insurance providers will cover bottles, but not storage bags.