Resupply Program

Benefits of Resupply Program

  • FREE accessories ship right to your door every 30 days for one year
  • Most insurances cover all the accessories offered through this program
  • The Medela Collection & Storage bottles are an excellent way to store breast milk for your baby in the fridge or freezer

How does this program work?

  • Resupply typically starts two weeks after your expected due date and includes breast shields, tubing, caps, locking rings, and adapters. It may also include breast milk storage bags OR bottles depending on your insurance policy.
  • You will receive a shipment each month with all of these items for upto one year, and you can opt-out of this program at any time by simply calling or emailing our team.
  • We send standard 24 mm breast shields with each shipment. If you require a different size breast shield, simply send us an email with the size shield you need, and we will send you the correct size at no cost to you.
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