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Ardo is a Swiss family-owned company that was founded by the pioneer of electric breast pumps. Ardo puts moms and babies first, with a focus on creating the best solutions for breastfeeding women through expertise and innovative development.

The result is the Calypso with Hospital Technology, a breast pump that is meticulously hand-crafted in house in the mountains of Switzerland, where nature is a way of life. The pump mechanism is designed differently than almost any other, so the Calypso is much gentler and is one of the quietest pumps on the market.

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What Moms Are Saying: Ardo Breast Pump Reviews

With 1 Natural Way, many moms qualify for a no cost Ardo breast pump through insurance. We offer the Calypso Essentials double electric breast pump, as well as the Calypso-to-Go Pure, which has everything you need – and more – to pump on the go.

I absolutely Love my Ardo Calypso! Compact and portable, this breast pump is great for quick on the go trips or to and from work. Pumping with a piston motor is a game changer; it is incredibly gentle on my nipples yet it still offers great suction with many different customizable settings. The bottles have a cute design to them and they fit nicely into my daughter’s bottle bag. I really love the quietness of this breast pump too! Cannot be happier with this breast pump!

Emily B.

It's very quiet compared to other brands of breast pumps. You can bring anywhere. Also easy to care (for) and handle.

Monica G.

I am SO excited to use this pump with my 4th baby. Insurance paid for it and working with the company to receive it was super easy! I've heard from friends that this pump is amazing!

Kristin C.

I love my Ardo! It’s so easy to use and not loud at all – it’s nice to hear my thoughts over the pump for once. It’s compact and works great on the go. I appreciate how compact it is and it’s easy to take to and from work

Mauna F.

Favorite Features of the Ardo Calypso Breast Pump

With highly customizable settings and an ultra-quiet, piston and cylinder motor that is unlike most other pumps, moms find the Ardo Calypso to be both effective and extremely comfortable. The Calypso offers:

  • Single or double pumping options
  • Backflow protection (closed system)
  • Backlit display that is visible in the dark
  • Adjustable vacuum and speed for 64 possible settings
  • Portable – lightweight and compact with optional AA battery use
  • 1-year or 400 hour limited warranty on pump (whichever benefits mom more)

Moms who want to be sure they have everything they could possibly need for pumping will love the Ardo Calypso-To-Go Pure, which comes with a carrying bag and cooler, hand pump, multiple breast shield sizes, Optiflow breast massager and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ardo Breast Pumps

How quiet is the Ardo Calypso breast pump?

The Ardo Calypso breast pump is among the quietest pumps that 1 Natural Way offers – which is such an important feature for any mom who may be pumping with a sleeping baby or spouse nearby or for women who have to pump at work or in a semi-private area.

A few years ago, Ardo hired an independent testing firm to measure the sound level of the Calypso breast pump versus other popular pumps on the market. The tests showed that, compared to the other tested pumps, the Calypso was perceived to be half as loud.

Are any Ardo Calypso breast pumps portable breast pumps?

Different moms define “portable breast pump” differently, so it’s hard to ever answer this question with a definite “yes” or “no.” The 1 Natural Way team thinks that any breast pump that is 1.) relatively lightweight and compact, and 2.) can be used without being plugged into a wall is pretty darn portable.

The Ardo Calypso breast pump weighs about a pound and can run on six AA batteries, so we give it a thumbs up for portability. The Calypso is also available with the Calypso-to-Go Pure tote bundle, which makes on-the-go pumping even easier because of the great carrying bag, cooler and extra storage bottles.

Do You Qualify for an Ardo Breast Pump through Insurance?

Through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), most women have access to a no cost breast pump through insurance – not to mention breastfeeding support, supplies and counseling.

Find out if YOU are eligible for a no cost Ardo breast pump – or any breast pump we offer – by filling out our qualification form. In just a few days or less, we’ll let you know if you qualify for a free breast pump and, if so, which pumps you can choose from!

Then we’ll help you get a prescription for your pump, ship your pump for free and handle the paperwork for you! If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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