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Nighttime Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

June 14, 2018

Nighttime Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

Most new mothers want to give their infant the best beginning to life as possible. To many mothers, this includes feeding their babies breast milk. While the majority of mothers believe that breastfeeding is the best feeding option and want to give their infant a strong immune system, sometimes it’s hard to push past those first few attempts.

You’ll probably have questions about nursing, especially in the beginning; don’t be afraid to ask for help from nurses in the hospital or their lactation expert on staff. If you have a basic idea of what's going to happen, you will be more confident!

Confidence is a factor, because nursing is always easier when you are relaxed. You need to be prepared for the rapid changes that are about to happen to both of you and help your baby through it. An amazing amount of growth will take place in the next few years, and it starts right now.

Even the most confident and relaxed moms can have trouble breastfeeding at night. If you find yourself struggling with nighttime breastfeeding, consider trying some of these tips from breastfeeding expert moms:

Enjoy breastfeeding

Night breastfeeding can be a wonderful time for a mother and baby to bond. The contact that the two make during breastfeeding is an experience like no other. If the mother is tense or does not enjoy breastfeeding the baby, the infant will also have a more difficult time finding comfort in the feeding. While breastfeeding your baby at night, relax. Enjoy holding and cuddling your little one.

Feed before the baby is too hungry

A screaming infant and a hurried mom are no way to begin the night breastfeeding experience. A baby often indicates that he is getting hungry well before he starts to cry. If it is close to feeding time and the baby begins to rustle and move around, attempt feeding. Once the baby is upset, he often will not latch on correctly.

Do what works best for you and your baby

Everyone will have advice about how, where, and when you should breastfeed - even mothers without infants will have suggestions. But there are no rules that must be followed! Hold your baby in the position that works best for you and for him. Choose to feed either from one breast at a feeding or from two (whichever is your preference). When breastfeeding at night, it is best to develop your own style to feel the most comfortable.

Monitor your diet

If night breastfeeding seems to make your infant fussy or uncomfortable, consider your diet. Maybe it is not the breastfeeding but something in the milk that is bothering your infant. Consider cutting back on foods that may irritate your little one. You may also benefit from foods that help boost milk supply, like this smoothie.

Use relief when needed

There is no reason to live with sore nipples or engorged breasts. Many different creams, medications, herbs, and natural remedies give relief to both of these issues. Do not feel bad about seeking relief when needed.

Breastfeed in a quiet place

Always try to breastfeed in a quiet place. Keep the light low or shaded, and make sure that you and your baby are comfortable at night. Many mothers like to put on soft calming music that will relax both of you.

Comfort is important to a breastfeeding baby and mother

It is crucial for a mother to find a comfortable breastfeeding position for herself and her baby. Many mothers have a special chair or pillows that they use just for breastfeeding. You and your baby will be able to find a comfortable position given the right setting - it may take a few tries but you’ll figure it out!

Talk with other breastfeeding moms

Finding support is always helpful when night breastfeeding issues arise. Talking with friends who have breastfed at night - or even finding breastfeeding forums online - can ease a new mother's worries.