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How Often Should I Replace Breast Pump Parts?

By Cindy Puppos | April 22, 2022

It’s a question we hear all the time and one that has the eternally frustrating answer…It depends!

Sorry, mama! No worries, though, we can help. When to replace pump parts has everything to do with how often you pump - and a little to do with personal preference, too.

In this video, our friend Sterling Grey-Simmons at Loyal Lactation explains how often to replace pump parts based on your pumping schedule. She'll take you through every breast pump part and share her recommended replacement timeline for each - and how to get them covered by insurance!


Replace Pump Parts to Maintain Tip Top Performance

Hey y'all, my name is Sterling Grey-Simmons. I'm a certified breastfeeding specialist, full spectrum doula, and owner of Loyal Lactation.

I don't know if all of my pumping moms out there know, but the Milkzoom by 1 Natural Way provides pump parts directly through your insurance each month. Milkzoom subscribers receive, on a monthly basis, milk storage bags, bottles, breast shields, and cap converters.

Lots of moms are not aware that some of the pump parts need replacing regularly to maintain performance. After a while, some of the parts wear down and can become stretched, resulting in a loss of suction.

If you notice your pump seems to have lost suction, the first thing you should do is take a look at the parts, particularly the valves. Inspect them for wear and stretching, and replace if needed. Here's a rundown on pump parts you will need to replace regularly, and how often they should be replaced.

When To Replace Breast Pump Parts

The membranes need to be replaced every two months if you pump once a day. And every two to four weeks, if you pump more frequently. A general rule of thumb is if you see that the membrane does not lay flat against the valve, it's time to replace it.

The duct valves need to be replaced every one to three months, while the backflow protector diaphragm needs to be replaced every three to six months.

As for the tubing, it needs to be replaced occasionally. The backflow protector should prevent moisture from entering the tubing. However, should moisture enter the tubing, it is recommended to replace it. There is no way to sterilize the tubing, and it is important to keep tubing completely dry because moisture can damage the motor.

Lastly, you want to replace the breast shield every six months, if you exclusively pump, or as needed, if you pump less frequently. Keep an eye out for build up or residue in the cracks and crevices of the shield. Check out 1Natural Way's website for more information on how you can start receiving your Milkzoom boxes.

Breast Pump Parts through Insurance

1 Natural Way's Milkzoom program will keep your breast pump parts replacement on schedule (and emergency spare parts on hand) with monthly deliveries - all through insurance. On average, moms save $71 a month versus retail!

Find out if you're eligible for breast pump replacement parts and accessories through the Milkzoom program by filling out our short qualification form.

About the Author

Cindy Puppos is 1 Natural Way's Customer Service Supervisor, so she has a good idea of all the different and wonderful questions that moms have for her team. Thankfully, as the mother of two boys (who are now grown!) and a veteran of the company and breastfeeding, Cindy is always knowledgeable about breastfeeding, pumping and all the latest and greatest pumps!