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Ardo Double Pump Set

Ardo Double Pump Set Retail Box

by Ardo

Product Description

Don't wait until you desperately need a breast pump replacement part to get one! Having back-up parts can save time and headaches. The Ardo Double Pump Set contains all the items you need to keep your Ardo pump in great shape and maintain your pumping schedule.

This set, which includes two (2) pump sets, has everything you need to double pump:

    26 mm breast shields (only size available) 5 oz. collection bottlesSilicone tubingLip/duckbill valvesFlexible membrane potsTube connectors

Compatible Breast Pump(s): Ardo Calypso; Ardo Carum

Authentic Ardo Breast Pump Parts

Product Specifications

Brand Ardo
Manufacturer Part Number 63.00.222
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