Now launching through insurance Elvie Stride the ultra-quiet, hands-free electric breast pump.

Now launching through insurance Elvie Stride the ultra-quiet, hands-free electric breast pump.

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Support Breastfeeding Moms (and Win)!

Let’s face it. Breastfeeding is hard work and often comes with challenges. Thankfully, receiving support has a huge impact on breastfeeding success!

To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, we’re hoping you’ll share kind words of support to help a breastfeeding mom. When you share your words of encouragement, you’ll also be entered to win one of the prizes in our Giveaway.

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I want you to know that every hard part of breastfeeding is temporary. But the bond you’re making with your baby, that’s eternal.

And if, for some reason, it’s not for you, that’s 100% okay. You’re still a good mom. You’re still bonded with your baby. You’re still worthy.

March on, sweet mama! You’ve got this ❤️

- Katie A.

The amount of milk you produce does not dictate nor determine your worth as a mother!

All forms of feeding come with struggle, but also come with the best reward. Whatever path you take, your fed baby and your happiest self make the best combo.

You got this!

- Brittany N.

It may seem impossible and hard somedays. But take a breath and just take one feeding at a time. Trust your body, yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Oh! And never forget to have nipple cream! That stuff helps a lot somedays.

- Kristen F.

Please remember to be patient with yourself and your baby. You both are learning this new routine. Nourish your body and get rest when you can. You are doing great momma! Keep up the good work!

- Andria R.

No one really tells you how hard it can be, and everyone's journey is different. Don't compare yourself or your journey with someone else's. We are all unique. You got this mama!

- Samantha M.

Your journey might be hard or it might be easy, but no matter what, it's ok to not be ok all the time.

It's ok to love what breastfeeding provides for your child but hate what it's done to your boobs. It's ok to cry while you pump or breastfeed. It's ok to breastfeed for a day, a week, a month, six months, a year or three years. You know what's best for you and baby.

It's MORE than ok to breastfeed in public without a cover and to flip off anyone who looks at you funny for it.

- Grace-Kelly A.

Your Encouragement Makes a Difference!

Did something or someone motivate you to continue breastfeeding? Maybe you heard kind words that touched your heart? Were you inspired by learning about another woman’s journey? Or were you the one who made the difference for a woman you love?

Share your words of encouragement, solid advice or success story with other breastfeeding moms! Just fill out the form below and upload a photo (we love brelfies - but any photo important to you is perfect).

Be sure to look below the form to see what other women have shared!

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