1 Natural Way’s sole purpose is to help Moms provide breast milk to their babies through our products, education and service. As part of that purpose, we have partnered with Lactation Link to offer personal, one-on-one support sessions to our Blue Shield of California customers.

Moms are told during pregnancy that they will "figure it out" when it comes to breastfeeding and that their "mother's intuition" will kick in. But what if it doesn't come as naturally as others described? The truth is that many Moms need a little information and guidance – and a lot of support!

Lactation Link helps to foster the confidence that enables Moms to tap into their mother’s intuition more readily! E-consult sessions with Lactation Link professionals are a convenient and informative way for Moms to get the information and support they need.

The 25-minute e-consult sessions can be done through email, phone, or Secure Video. Secure Video is a HIPAA compliant video chat. After securing your appointment you’ll receive a link to join our protected, personal consultation.

1 Natural Way customers who are eligible for a complimentary consult can schedule a session by logging in to their account.

About Our IBCLC's

Lindsey Shipley


I'm Lindsey Shipley, RN, IBCLC, mom of 2, and founder of lactation link! In my early days as a labor and delivery RN I saw a huge need for more research-based, quality, and accessible prenatal and postpartum breastfeeding education and support. That's why I created the on-demand video classes, so you can have immediate support you can trust. My passion is 'creating confident moms' and giving you research-based options to meet your goals - no one else's! I'm looking forward to helping you and always rooting for your success.

Connect with me here: lindsey@lactationlink.com

Kristin Gourley


I'm Kristin Gourley and I am an international board-certified lactation consultant. I've been working with breastfeeding moms and babies for over 5 years, first with la leche league international and now with lac­tation link. I have a passion for creating confident moms by supporting them in meeting their breastfeeding goals and ensuring that they have the information necessary to make the best decisions for their fami­lies. When I’m not helping moms and babies, I can usually be found with my 5 busy kids, reading, or hiking.

Connect with me here: kristin@lactationlink.com

Stephanie Hadfield


I'm Stephanie Weight Hadfield, an international board-certified lactation consultant serving families in Utah county, Utah. I have a degree in home and family life and have been working with birthing and breastfeeding families since 2006: first as a birth doula, then as a WIC breastfeeding peer counselor, and now as a lactation consultant for lactation link. I love my job and feel incredibly honored every single time I'm asked to help a family with their breastfeeding concerns. When I'm not working with moms and babies, I love hanging out with my husband and our four kids, knitting, reading and working on home improvement projects.

Connect with me here: stephanie@lactationlink.com

Brianne Taggart


I'm Brianne Taggart, a registered nurse and IBCLC. My experience is in caring for postpartum moms and newborns in the hospital. That's where my love and knowledge for breastfeeding began. I also teach child birthing classes where I enjoy providing parents with reliable informa­tion that gives them confidence to succeed. In breastfeeding my own 3 children, I was able to see firsthand the amazing experience it can be. I want all moms to have a chance at that same experience! Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, hiking and reading. I look forward to helping you meet your goals!

Connect with me here: brianne@lactationlink.com